The CIS Whole-school Sustainability Review is a report on the environmental impact of CIS’s campus and operations. The review was conducted over the last twelve months by Metanoia, a firm of sustainability consultants specializing in schools, working closely with DITO students, and was made possible by the Annual Fund.


In addition to collecting and analyzing a lot of data about all aspects of the school’s operations from energy and waste to curriculum and governance, we interviewed classmates, teachers and admin staff, members of the leadership team, board members and parents and conducted several surveys. We presented the findings to the Leadership team in February and to the Board in June.


We also took part in a vision workshop at the end of last year to envision the long-term changes our work might bring about over the next 13 years leading up to the school’s 50th anniversary in 2033. Our visions of a sustainable CIS in 2033 form the final chapter of the Review.


This year we are excited about communicating the findings of the Sustainability Review to the school community and beginning to implement some of the more than 100 recommendations contained in the report.

The report may be accessed in the viewer below.

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